Nolachucky Baptist Association
Friday, September 21, 2018


Hurricane Florence Disaster Response


Our Disaster Relief Volunteers are preparing to assist hurricane victims as soon as they are given the OK to respond.


At present we need Credentialed Disaster Relief Volunteers to support:

Disaster Assessment


Bucket Truck Operators

Skid Steer Operators

Flood Recovery

Incident Command


If you are willing to serve in any of these capacities and are available to deploy sometime this week (9/17) or next (9/24), please contact:

Don Owen

Nolachucky Baptist Assoc.

Disaster Relief Dir.

865-384-8691 or email:



God's Warehouse Update

Our God’s Warehouse team and facility is fully operational and now ready to begin receiving Disaster Relief supplies to aid in the upcoming recovery effort.


Hours of operation are:

Monday through Saturday 9am to 3:30 pm

Thursday 9am to 6pm


If you need to drop off at a time different to the operational hours, please contact Don Owen or Jack Henson and we will make every effort to have someone available to accommodate your schedule.


If you would like to become a God’s Warehouse Volunteer, please text or email    

Jack Henson:  423-231-7019 or


Financial contributions can be made to:  

Nolachucky Baptist Association

PO Box 326

Morristown, TN 37815


Needed Items List

NEW Backpacks and School Supplies

NEW Toys

Hair Brushes

NEW Shoes, Sneakers, and sandals

NEW Clothing

NEW Socks and Undergarments

NEW Dishes

Sheets and Blankets

Nonperishable food – that does not need to be cooked

Individually wrapped snacks

Individual bottles of Gatorade
Towels and wash cloths
Diapers - adults and children
Toiletries - hand sanitizer, wet wipes
Paper products - plates, cups, paper towels, toilet paper

Plastic utensils - forks, spoons, knives
Washing detergent
Large garbage bags
Mosquito repellant
Cleaning supplies, Bleach

Mops, brooms, buckets
Gloves and masks
Baby formula and baby food
Cat and Dog food
Cots, Pillows, Linens
Crayons, coloring books - activities for kids


Please note:

 We will not be accepting used clothing


Welcome to Nolachucky Disaster Relief. We're glad you're here.

Financial donations may be made to Nolachucky Baptist Association designated for Disaster Relief.  These financial donations should be mailed to PO Box 326, Morristown, TN  37815 or brought to our office at 304 Calvary Drive, Morristown, TN 37815.  

Who We Are:

We are a group of volunteers seeking to fulfill the mission of Christ our Lord by caring for those around us who are suffering due to a disaster by meeting their immediate physical needs.  We share how they can find peace with their Creator by responding to God's offer of salvation and eternal life found only in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

How Can I Get Involved:  Get trained and become a volunteer! 

There are numerous opportunities and needs in Disaster Relief ministries. Opportunities in the field include tasks such as:

  • Chainsaw Recovery
  • Flood Recovery
  • Mass Feeding
  • Childcare
  • Communications
  • Organization and Distribution of donated items

Opportunities on the home-front include:

  • prayer
  • prayer
  • prayer
  • equipment preparation
  • training
  • organization of supplies
  • prayer
  • communication

If you have a desire to have an impact for the Kingdom of God in any of these areas of work please contact us. We will be happy to help you get plugged in.

Contact Information

For more information about anything you might have questions about or would like to get involved please give us a call.

  • Nolachucky Disaster Relief Coordinator - Don Owen - (423) 581-4875
  • Nolachucky Associational Office - (423) 586-7331