Nolachucky Baptist Association
Wednesday, March 22, 2023


         Gathering Together Again:
Suggestions for Worshipping Together Again


1.  For now, postpone fellowship time

2.  Provide boxes or plates for offering at entrances

3.  Have a plan for baptisms

4.  Have an alternate plan for Lord’s Supper

5.  Consider alternatives to passing physical objects (microphones, hymnals, Bibles, bulletins)

6.  Add services to maintain social distancing

7.  Make your services meaningful and concise

8.  Continue online services

9.  Start with the essentials: preach, pray and sing —  Keep it simple for now

10. Delay your choir’s return

11. Clean. Clean. Clean.

12. Consider how to count online attendance

13. Over communicate

14. Dismiss in an orderly fashion


Adapted from the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board’s “Gathering Together Again—Part 2” pp. 10-11.  For the full report, please visit:


The Nolachucky Baptist Association understands that each local church is autonomous and should proceed under the guidance of God’s Word, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit as to the time and safe reopening of each respective church with respect to her community.